Top 5 Microsoft Excel Alternatives

microsoft excel alternatives

Spreadsheets are an important part of the business world. You have to use it whether you want or not. Microsoft has al lot of functions but they are not used completely. Unfortunately, if you want to opt for it, you have to pay the full price which is 99$ per year for business. If you don’t want to spend so much amount on Microsoft Excel, you may use some free Microsoft Excel alternatives which are easily available and can be installed on your computer. Let’s have a look at these applications.

1. Google Sheets

This is a Google Cloud-based program and it is the response to the petitions of the individuals who are searching for an option to Microsoft Excel. Google Sheets has the ability to perform the greater part of what a normal Excel client needs to do. It runs on an internet browser and is facilitated in Cloud. This implies it is stage free and can work on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. With Google Sheets, you don’t need to stress over losing any computation since everything is saved money on-the-go in Google Drive. This implies regardless of whether your PC crashes, you don’t need to stress over losing significant information. Like other Google office devices, this one has constant joint effort, which empowers the numerous clients to oversee and alter reports all the while.

It is fundamental to make reference to that some propelled highlights of Microsoft Excel are missing in Google Sheets. In this way, before you move, you should check if the capacities fundamental for your activity are accessible.

2. WPS Office Spreadsheets

On the off chance that you are searching for a genuine rivalry for Microsoft Excel, WPS Office Spreadsheets is an ideal decision. In actuality, it is the main ‘freemium’ in the rundown of free options to Microsoft Excel. In undeniable reality, it is a paid item yet it has a free form that is completely included with application advertisements. You don’t need to stress over the promotions however on the grounds that they run for under ten seconds and they possibly come up when you need to spare to PDF or print, or in the event that you need to utilize some particular instruments. When an ad runs, the element will be opened for thirty minutes. On the off chance that you want to quit it, you can pick the paid variant, which incorporates $29.99 per annum or $79.99 for lifetime get to. WPS Office Spreadsheets is good with Excel, which implies you can open any Excel archive and spare its organization.

3. Microsoft Office Excel Online

In the event that you need a Microsoft item no matter what, at that point you should agree to Microsoft Office Excel Online (on the off chance that you would prefer not to pay for the work area adaptation). Exceed expectations Online is a fundamental variant of Microsoft Excel and is best contrasted with Google Sheets than the Excel work area form. Be that as it may, the reality remains that it is more Microsoft Excel than Google Sheets. It plays out the fundamental elements of the work area form and furthermore includes programmed Cloud investment funds OneDrive to it. It additionally includes real‑time coordinated effort. For those people who are searching for cutting edge highlights of Excel, this apparatus is certainly impossible. Numerous capacities are confined and some are perused as it were. It likewise doesn’t have VBA scripting and doesn’t make outside information associations. There are no best in class outlining capacities and no discover and supplant.

4. Apache OpenOffice Calc                                                              

On the off chance that you don’t care for the look and feel of the most recent versions of the Microsoft interface, in any event from 2007 and upward, you should look at Apache OpenOffice Calc. It is like Office 2003 and capacities a similar way. Prior to the presentation of Cloud, this device was the best option for those people who are searching for a free substitute to Microsoft Office. OpenOffice Calc is most forward-thinking in such manner as it holds a considerable lot of the most significant propelled elements of Microsoft Excel, despite the fact that with some minor contrasts in structure. In the event that you are a propelled client of Excel, it is prescribed that you take as much time as is needed to peruse the client guide of OpenOffice before you move. This will assist you with understanding the capacities accessible in this product that are imperative to your work. The primary detriment is the nonappearance of Cloud support. Incidentally, other free stages have a similar downside. Apache OpenOffice Calc doesn’t have ongoing coordinated effort or local Cloud association.

5. LibreOffice Calc

This is additionally a free office suite, for example, Apache OpenOffice Calc. It has its own Excel alternative called Calc. This apparatus has indistinguishable weaknesses from OpenOffice since it doesn’t have ongoing joint effort and Cloud support. In any case, picking this free suite gives you access to a rich arrangement of highlights that are not even accessible in Microsoft Excel. There is no uncertainty that LibreOffice Calc has a bigger number of capacities than what is accessible in Excel. It has the ability to look at two changed spreadsheet records and has more alternatives for cell designing. The program likewise can import inheritance spreadsheets from other resigned applications, for example, Microsoft Works, BeagleWorks, Lotus 1-2-3, and Claris Resolve.

Surely, there are numerous motivations to consider utilizing LibreOffice Calc as an option to Microsoft Excel. Notwithstanding, there are numerous different reasons why you may not need this. The downsides of this suite incorporate constrained full scale recording capacities, the failure to work with outside information sources, the exhibit of many propelled kinds of outlines, and the fare of archives as standard XML. Here we need to state that before you use LibreOffice Calc, attempt to peruse the rundown of highlights to be certain that it has the essentials of what you need.


The above are the 5 alternatives to Microsoft Excel which can be used without any cost. As they don’t cost a single penny, so you can use whatever you need.

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