New CompTIA A+ Exam Objectives (220-1001 and 220-1002) Will Be Released This Winter

CompTIA A+

As it is commonly known, CompTIA is continually refreshing its affirmations to mirror the developments in the business. Here we are as before when such an update happens. In January 2019, there will be a noteworthy change to the well known CompTIA A+ certification. The two certification tests: 220-901 and 220-902 will be refreshed in accordance with the new guidelines and current innovation that have advanced in the business from the last time the tests were refreshed. The A+ tests will have new codes: 220-1001 and 220-1002

Review of new CompTIA A+ tests

CompTIA 220-1001 is the first of two tests that spreads organizing, PC equipment and peripherals, investigating, and so on. The new update centers on the framework memory notwithstanding capacity gadgets, for example, SSDs. There is likewise a noticeable quality on PC gaming frameworks. This test will likewise assess your insight over the extent of 3D printing. Mention that the up-and-comers ought not to expect a colossal change in the general ideas and plan of the test inquiries as it is a greater amount of an improved test than a modified one. At the end of the day, the inquiries are changed to a great extent to oblige the new update.

The CompTIA 220-1002 test involves updates to the working framework angles covering Windows 7, 8, and 10. The update likewise incorporates update restrictions and end of life for more established frameworks. The new test additionally includes changes in different security subjects, which offers the up-and-comers the chance to show their insight and aptitudes of current digital danger scene. In another adaptation of this affirmation test, there are two absolutely new themes that one will be assessed on. One of the subjects quantifies the information and abilities of administrative consistence and operational strategies, which spread regions, for example, episode reaction and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The subsequent point centers on content essentials Batch, Java, Virtual Basic, and Python. The understudies are needed to consider circles, whole numbers, and strings. This test is energetically prescribed for the experts wanting to move into the jobs of a designer.

Let us take a deep look at the test destinations for these new certification tests in detail:

CompTIA A+ Core 1 (220-1001)

The Core 1 test assesses the necessary aptitudes for the section level IT experts. The up-and-comers who breeze through the assessment will be furnished with the information expected to design, keep up, and introduce PCs, cell phones, just as programming for clients. They will realize how to assemble parts dependent on the necessities of clients; comprehend the essentials of systems administration and security criminology; offer suitable help for clients; apply investigating aptitudes; securely and precisely analyze, resolve, and record general programming and equipment issues; comprehend the basics of scripting, work area imaging, virtualization, and arrangement. The 220-1001 certification test is comprised of around 90 execution based and various decision questions. The time distributed for the fulfillment of the test is an hour and a half. The candidates are needed to have a base work understanding of 9 months functioning as an IT uphold expert.

There are explicit aptitudes that the test is intended to gauge. They incorporate cell phones (14%); organizing (20%); equipment (27%); virtualization and distributed computing (12%); equipment and systems administration investigating (27%). The rate mirrors the heaviness of inquiries that can be normal from every one of the theme zone.

CompTIA A+ Core 2 (220-1002)

The Core 2 test is additionally intended to quantify the necessary abilities for a section level IT master. Those people who finish this certification assessment will acquire the information and aptitudes important to amass different parts dependent on the prerequisites of clients; design, keep up, and introduce PCs, programming, and cell phones for end clients; apply investigating abilities; and comprehend the essentials of fundamentals of scripting, work area imaging, sending, and virtualization, among others. Actually, the aptitudes to be learnt in this test are about equivalent to the Core 1 test spread however on a higher scale. The 220-1002 test is comprised of 90 inquiries. The applicants have a time of an hour and a half for the consummation of the test. Before you endeavor this A+ test, CompTIA suggests that you have at least year experience functioning as an IT uphold master.

There are some particular abilities that will be estimated in this test, and you are required to comprehend these regions and spotlight on the themes during the planning. The point zones incorporate working frameworks (27%); security (24%); programming investigating (26%); operational methods (23%). Mention that every aptitude region additionally has sub subjects that concretize what competitors are needed to cover for every one of them.

What will this mean for your present affirmation status?

Those people who presently have CompTIA A+ will even now keep up their confirmations as long as they are as yet legitimate. In any case, after the three-year legitimacy time of your testament, you will be needed to recertify it. Now, you should take the test. On the off chance that you have just planned your test during the current year, there is no point dropping it or hanging tight for the enhanced one. You should simply feel free to compose the test. Composing the old test this year doesn’t mean your affirmation will be invalid. In any case, you can likewise decide to compose the new test when its goals are delivered. In reality, the choice to compose the new or the old test will generally rely upon your insight and preparing at the time you sit for it. In the event that at the hour of planning for the test, you have prepared for the CompTIA 220-901 and CompTIA 220-902 tests, at that point there is no uncertainty about the rendition of test to compose; you will settle on the old forms. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you begin planning for the test in 2020 with the new test destinations for 220-1001 and 220-1002, you will step through the new examination. On the off chance that you want to compose the CompTIA A+ affirmation test in 2020, it is suggested that you go with the new schedule so as to stay away from the pressure of the hard cutoff time during the 2020 summer. This is particularly basic in the event that you bomb the test at the primary endeavor near the retirement cutoff time for the old test. On the off chance that this occurs, implies you should begin your examination once again with the new prospectus. One thing you have to shoulder as a main priority however that is your CompTIA A+ affirmation is substantial for a time of three years, regardless of whether you compose the old tests or the new ones.


The current CompTIA A+ tests (220-901 and 220-902) has been supplanted with the new tests (220-1001 and 220-1002) in January 2019. In the event that you have enrolled for the bygone one, you can proceed to get ready and compose it. The distinction in tests won’t influence your confirmation. Regardless of whether you acquire you is A+ certification in 2020 with the old tests, your declaration will even now be legitimate for a time of three years. The old test will in any case be accessible for a half year, which implies you can in any case compose it inside the following a half year. Nonetheless, it is suggested that on the off chance that you have not enrolled or begun planning for your test, you ought to consider enlisting with the new test so as to abstain from getting worried by a hard feature.

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