Superior Network Simulators and Emulators for Cisco Certification Exams (CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE)

Network Simulators

It is critical to pick a fitting system network simulators or test system while planning for your CCNA, CCNP, or CCIE. Obviously, this can be a troublesome choice to make, particularly in light of the fact that there is no most ideal approach to make a determination. Tragically, it is basically difficult to test every one of the projects before settling on a decision. Nonetheless, there are explicit focal points and weaknesses related to every one of them that can assist you with settling on educated choices.

With the end goal of this blog entry, we will concentrate on two test systems and three emulators. These are GNS3, EVE-NG, VIRL, Boson NetSim, and Packet Tracer. It is fundamental to specify that they are the most famous projects among the product choices intended for creating hands-on understanding for the Routing and Switching affirmation track.


As the name shows, a test system alludes to the programming that reenacts system geography comprised of at least one system gadgets. Basically, the reenacted arrange gadgets are not real system ones and don’t have the capacity of experiencing live system traffic as a genuine system gadget would. Along these lines, the reenacted ones are limited to the highlights and orders that have been modified into the recreation. This is the reason a ton of cutting edge includes that the genuine system gadgets can streamline are not accessible in the reenacted choices. A portion of these highlights incorporate Policy Based Routing and DMVPN.

Parcel Tracer

This is a visual reproduction apparatus from Cisco. It reenacts organize geographies that comprise of Cisco firewalls, switches, switches, and others. Parcel Tracer was first planned as a component of the instructive guide for NetAcad (Cisco Networking Academy). Nonetheless, it has become an all-around perceived test system for the section level Cisco certifications, including CCENT. It includes a few focal points as a free system test system. Top among them are cost, gadget assortment, cross-stage similarity, association assortment, custom exercise creation, reasonable terminal, making lab practical, and reproduction mode. Then again, the drawbacks of utilizing the Packet Tracer organize test system incorporates bugs, custom exercise conveyance, and no inherent labs. Without a doubt, all products accompany bugs. Be that as it may, in Packet Tracer they are more conspicuous when contrasted with different projects.

Despite weaknesses, Packet Tracer is the best quality level most definitely. The way that it is free and gives an element rich condition to the experts who need to explore different avenues regarding enormous number of system gadget alternatives, associations, and stages, settles on it a top decision. Because of the restriction in the execution of recreated Cisco IOS programming, Packet Tracer is ideal for the CCENT and the CCNA Routing and Switching testaments, however not for CCIE.

Boson NetSim

Boson is a famous IT preparing association known for its top-quality coursework and extensive practice tests for the Cisco confirmation tests. The NetSim application is a result of Boson that is intended to recreate Cisco organizes switches and switches. Mention that this application is a paid system test system and it likewise has several advantages. These incorporate lab quality, permitting guides to tests, gadget customization, lab availability, reasonable terminal highlights, custom lab appropriation, and less clicking when contrasted with Packet Tracer.

Boson NetSim certainly has a few drawbacks too. These incorporate no recreation mode, nonattendance of geography data and customization, failure to adjust dynamic geography, and inaccessibility of cross-stage similarity.


A system emulator alludes to a bit of programming that improves and associates distinctive virtual system gadgets. It virtualizes the genuine system gadgets; where the virtual ones frequently give extra progressed highlights contrasted with the reenacted organize gadgets. The qualities showed by the virtual system gadgets fundamentally duplicate the highlights of the real physical ones in reality.


GNS3 (Graphic Network Simulator-3) is an open-source, free customer/worker interface intended for organize virtualization and copying. This product is a Python-based stage utilizing Dynamips basically to imitate Cisco equipment and programming. It is essential to make reference to that Dynamips just as GNS3, underpins Cisco 7200, 3745, 3725, 3600, 2600, and 1700 switch stages. As a free and open-source emulator, GNS3 has various advantages. These incorporate cost, simple to-peruse and basic documentation, modifiable dynamic geography, network labs, and numerous association choices. The significant hindrance of this emulator is that it doesn’t accompany the virtual system gadgets.


Virtual Internet Routing Lab (VIRL) is claimed by Cisco. It is intended for the people and the training organizations. This emulator is like CML (Cisco Modeling Labs), a profoundly versatile alternative of VIRL made for huge and medium organizations to imitate and display undertaking systems. You can introduce the VIRL worker as a virtual machine under ESXi or on the uncovered metal worker. Mention that this emulator capacities in the customer/worker model like GNS3. It is a paid apparatus that has a few advantages. These incorporate system geography convenientce, progressed robotization capacities, and programming picture access. The inconveniences incorporate cost, no sequential interface, enormous asset necessities, and failure to adjust dynamic geography.


Imitated Virtual Environment Next Generation (EVE-NG) is tantamount to VIRL Personal Edition. It was made for independent companies and those people who are searching for a minimal emulator. It likewise has a Professional Edition that costs $110.75 per annum, notwithstanding a free Community Edition. A portion of the center preferences of EVE-NG incorporate multi-association types, modifiable dynamic geography, cost, and clientless. As a free virtual system emulator, it has two significant drawbacks. These are trouble in documentation and nonattendance of programming picture access.

Contrasts among test systems and emulators

Contrasted with the test systems, the emulators are frequently limited in the sorts of virtual system gadgets they uphold. They are additionally restricted as far as how the virtual gadgets associate with one another. The way that the system emulators virtualizes the genuine system gadgets implies that their framework essentials require additionally handling power, extra room, and memory, in contrast with the test systems.


There is nobody size-fits-all methodology with regards to test systems and emulators. You need to pick the one that best suits your instructive or business needs. We trust that this article will assist you with settling on the correct choice.

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