Cloud War 2020: Compare Google/Azure/AWS by 4 Parameters

cloud war 2020

Google, Azure and AWS are the three Cloud contenders. Amazon has been the top leader since the last decade. Google may be somehow behind these two but the fact is that they’ll remain in the cloud war 2020 competition with each other in the industry. These three have their own distinct advantages.

In this blog article, we will compare these three on different parameters and check that what makes them popular among people.

1. Piece of the pie

Google: The income of Google cloud in 2019 was $6.8 billion which represents its development of around 94% annually. This puts it at 3rd place with respect to market share.

Azure: Microsoft revealed its income in business Cloud in 2019 was $23.2 billion. Be that as it may, this worth is a mix of various Cloud properties, one of which is Azure. This implies this figure is very misdirecting. As indicated by the examiners, the genuine income of Azure is evaluated to be about $13.5 billion every year, and this shows about 82% of yearly development. Its piece of the overall industry is set at about 13.7%, which places Azure in runner up with the most elevated piece of the overall industry in Cloud.

AWS: Amazon Web Services has taken its administration position directly from its dispatch. With the income of about $25.7 billion out of 2019, the yearly development of this Cloud supplier is put at 47%. It isn’t such an astonishment, that AWS has held the initiative situation throughout the years; particularly when you consider the way that it has a seven-year dispatch advantage over Google and Microsoft.

2. Price Comparison

On the off chance that you are inexperienced with the system of these Cloud suppliers, you are probably going to expect that they offer very similar things, which incorporate Cloud administrations and the Cloud stage. Most likely, this is consistent with some degree however that isn’t all.

For example, on the off chance that you just think about figuring administrations for Google, Azure, and AWS, the costs appear to be very straightforward. Be that as it may, it is more perplexing than simple. The clients have the chance to browse a wide scope of registering types, various uses, and costs. Amazon Web Services alone has 10 working frameworks and more than 150 example types that the people can look over. The equivalent goes for Microsoft Azure. At the point when you consider the planned multi-year limits and capacity choices, evaluating turns out to be more intricate. The ramification of this is it’s hard to truly think about the costs of every supplier dependent on utilization. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you want to pick between the three dependent on value, you can discover an adding machine on every one of their locales to compute the surmised month to month costs.


3. Highlight Comparison

Google, Azure, and AWS have almost a similar elevated level highlights. Every one of them has capacity, registering, just as different administrations. The best zone of separation will go under ‘different administrations’. On the off chance that all you need is to have an essential site or an application, it’s very basic, and you can simply settle on a decision dependent on cost. In any case, on the off chance that you are thinking about specific administrations, for example, AI or examination, there is more that goes into it. We should take a gander at the diagram of the elevated level highlights of these three Cloud suppliers.

Google: No uncertainty, Google is a pioneer that keeps up its notoriety even on its Cloud stage. The best bit of leeway of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is its creative capacities. Google represents considerable authority in examination, large information, containerization, and AI. These appear to put this supplier in front of others most definitely. In spite of the fact that its foundation is the best, it is as yet limited as far as extension. Google doesn’t offer numerous highlights and administrations, for example, Microsoft and Amazon, which can make it extremely hard to choose it as a one-stop search for redid applications.

Azure: Microsoft offers around 154 Azure administrations, which spread everything from Bing Custom Search to the blended reality applications. Azure has a solid serious edge in interoperability. While Amazon Web Services centers for the most part on open Cloud figuring, Microsoft Azure Cloud offers its administrations to those clients who need the chance to interoperate with their own server farm. Indeed, Azure can be delegated a half and half Cloud elective.

AWS: This Cloud supplier resembles a Swiss armed force blade. It offers for all intents and purposes everything. Its greatest quality lies in the abundance of its administrations. Sadly, this additionally remains as the purpose of its greatest shortcoming. Now and again, it’s hard to keep up a similar pace with the new creative administrations offered by AWS. With these numerous administrations, it’s difficult to appreciate and oversee costs that accompany them. You can check our Amazon Certifications here.


4. Cloud for Startups

Cloud administrations empower new businesses to get to adaptable, effectively sensible, and pay-more only as cost arise administrations. The following are a portion of the extraordinary projects intended for new companies by these three suppliers. We should investigate them in detail.

Google: It is particular Cloud program for new businesses incorporate mentorship, credits, and preparing. A portion of the highlights that GCP offers are as per the following:

Up to $100k credit in a year;

$600/month of GMA (Google Maps API);

Free Hire by Google for a half year;

Up to ten free clients on G-Suite Basic every year.

Azure: Microsoft likewise offers a particular program for new companies and gives them access to free Cloud, promoting backing, and specialized assets. A portion of the promoting highlights include:

Social and advanced crusade;

Altered Go-To-Market Plan;

Achievement Manager for opening best open doors for business;

Overall undertaking deals power.

AWS: Amazon offers AWS Activate. This gives preparing, backing, and credits for new companies. It additionally offers a wide scope of financially savvy choices, which include:

Rebate on Alaskan items, Twilit, and Slack;

Up to $100k AWS limited time credits;

Access to Amazon arrange, including AWS Marketplace, Amazon Launchpad, and Amazon Media Group.


Most definitely, nobody can really foresee who will be the victor in the coming years. Be that as it may, AWS has kept up the triumph over the previous decade.

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